Be honest for a second, you have no idea how to manage your money and take control of your financial future. You know everything in your life would fall into place if you had a clear understanding of your finances, but you can’t figure out how to take your bills and come up with a plan that works. 

Currently you are…

  • Stressing about the money you have left over after you've paid your monthly expenses

  • Struggling to pay your bills on time or you just don't have enough to pay them

  • Frustrated because you could be further along in life but your shaky financial status is holding you back

  • A professional career woman making great money but you don’t know where it’s going (it’s like you’re playing Where’s Waldo)


I understand… I’ve been there

I used to feel like a failure seven years ago because I was in so much debt.

I would think to myself “I have an MBA, a great job and good salary - where did I go wrong?”

I knew that I needed to have a clear understanding of my finances but I was scared to know the truth… facing the reality of being broke.

It’s okay to feel like you don’t know what to do financially. And in most cases you can’t do it alone. Making the changes necessary to start building wealth and living a life of financial freedom can seem scary, but there is light at the end of your financial tunnel.


Introducing Money Management Unlocked!

The Money Management Unlocked program is a four week program for professional women who make a reasonable amount of money but don't have anything to show for it. This program has proven to help you understand your financial situation, manage your personal budget, understand the importance of tracking your money, financial biblical principles and gives practical strategies for debt elimination and saving.  

I’ll be sharing the exact strategy I used to pay off thousands of dollars in debt and save $12,000 in two years even though I was a single parent of two children on a $45,000 salary.

I want to help you stop living paycheck to paycheck, eliminate debt, save money and be financially responsible while using a budget you can handle to live out the lifestyle you desire.

Program Starts July 8, 2019 | Sessions held on Mondays at 8:00pm EST

Session #1 - Live Video Call - Monday, July 8th - 8pm EST

Session #2 - Live Video Call - Monday, July 15th - 8pm EST

Session #3 - Live Video Call - Monday, July 22nd - 8pm EST

Session #4 - Live Video Call - Monday, July 29th - 8pm EST

Only 10 spots are available and registration ends when the class fills up. Sign-up NOW to secure your spot!

*Due to the natural of this service, all payments are non-refundable.


Program Bonuses

Bonus #1: Private Interactive Facebook Group

Join Latisha in a private accountability community of professionals who's goal is to ultimately build wealth.

Bonus #2: Weekly LIVE Q&A Session

There will be an additional weekly Q&A Session for all questions and support needed.

Bonus #3: Lifetime Access to all Session Recordings

You get lifetime access to all recorded sessions including Q&A calls.

Bonus #4: Budget Templates & Spreadsheets

You will be provided with many tools needed to reach your financial goals throughout the program.


How will Money Management Unlocked change my life?

  1. You will have control over your money so that you understand how to budget for the items you need versus your wants.

  2. You know how to organize your spending/saving so you can tell your money where to go instead of your money telling you where it's going.

  3. You will be able to communicate with your spouse about money so that there are no unnecessary disagreements about who is spending what.

  4. You will know how to make your money work for you, increase your savings & start investing to multiply what you already have.

  5. You can stay focused on your money goals so that you're able to play hard, travel & enjoy whatever your heart desires.

*Due to the natural of this service, all payments are non-refundable.

Registration Ends June 30, 2019

Money Management Unlocked “Success” Stories


Samanda Sawyer, MBA

“Latisha helped my husband and I create a budget that helped us close out the year better than how we started. During our time working with her we were able to eliminate personal expenses that we didn’t need, start an emergency savings fund and develop stronger plans for our business budget as well. She has been a true blessing to our family. If you are looking to be financially free and stop being hindered by money then you need her. Thank you Latisha!”



Aja Asaka

“I just completed the Money Management Unlocked program with Latisha. During the program she gave me tools that I could use to better manage my funds as well as getting out of debt. Before the program I was basically just spending money and not holding myself accountable for where my money was going. I felt like I was paying bills and never had anything left. Now that I have finished the program I am more conscience of where my money is going and have a plan for my financial future. I truly feel like I have my financial life in order now and do anything.”


Meet Your Coach

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Latisha Stephens, MBA is a Money Management Strategist, wife and mompreneur. She is a graduate of Albany State University and Strayer University and proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Latisha has been working with women from all walks of life since 2014. No stranger to adversity and life transitions, Latisha hired a life coach back in 2011 after a divorce. Her coach guided her in the direction she needed; she lost 50 pounds, developed a renewed sense of self love and confidence, traveled more and fostered a closer relationship with God. Most importantly, Latisha valued her life and discovered her passion and purpose; to coach women on how to live a more fulfilling life as well.  

Her goals in life are simple; continue raising her four beautiful children, enjoy life with her amazing husband, grow her personal businesses, help as many women as possible become their own risk managers and be a positive change agent through self-improvement strategies, goal identification and awareness. Her life’s mantra is, Write. Take Action. Win.


Still have questions about the program? Email me at